Free to do what’s right for you. This is the tagline for Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents which my agency is a part of. This group of independent agents is held accountable for our actions and how we handle and treat people who come through our offices or call us on the phone. At the end of the day, we are here to serve you, the customer. Insurance doesn’t need to be difficult or something you say preceded by a curse word. Let me help you understand why there is a better way.


I get up every day to work for my clients. I don’t answer to one company who is expecting me to write a certain amount of business with them or pushing a certain product. My job is to make sure that I quote, discuss and advise you on multiple insurance companies and options. This ensures that you are getting not only the best price but more importantly the best VALUE.

Not every client is the same. Some companies fit a certain client better than others. Have a youthful driver? There are companies that offer better discounts for youthful drivers than others. Don’t you want to have that option? Do you have a home, 4 autos, boat and vacation home? There are companies out there that specialize in households with multiple assets to insure. Don’t get caught trying be a square peg in a round hole.

Independent insurance agents not only get to review your insurance program annually or whatever you decide with your agent, but we also can shop your policies around under one roof. No need to call 3 or 4 different agents and spending precious hours getting quotes. We can do all of that under one roof with plenty of well respected, highly rated insurance companies. You no longer have to feel like the insurance companies are doing you a favor by insuring you.

There is a better way to do insurance and using a local independent agent is that better way.

Call your Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent today and let him go to work for you!