No Sugar, No Grains (NSNG) is an eating program I am embarking on for the next 33 days leading up to the weekend before my birthday.  Over the past 15 years I have developed an addiction to sweets and really anything that converts to sugar in the body. I love pizza, spaghetti, cheeseburgers, and ice cream with brownies. My sweet tooth developed in my 30s, but I’ve always loved bread and pasta.

The program is real simple…eat no foods or condiments with added sugar and eat nothing made from grains(bread, pasta, chips, etc.). I will eat some fruit, but very limited and it will most likely be some type of berry. I’ll eat beef, chicken, pork, fish, olives, nuts, guacamole and all the vegetables my heart desires.

Scott and Ali
Ali (my wife) and Scott

This blog is for nobody but myself as I am using it as an accountability tool for myself. I want to be able to reflect and process as I go through the next 33 days. Grammar is likely to be bad, sentences will run on and be choppy and chances are they will be incoherent. If you happen to pick this up and get some value or simply want to follow along then by all means, welcome!